The Build Blog – Glue, Resin and Fiberglass

HUGE developments from the Embrace Vancouver Design Crew today! Just to catch you up since our last Build Blog, we have been busy laying down layer upon layer of glue, followed by fiberglass and then on top of that the first signs of colorful design features…Veins!

Here are a few pictures to get you up to speed before an update later on today’s BIRTHING OF THE HEART! Where we pull the foam out from inside its shell.

10330300_10154104989265332_300383615110206590_n 10339566_10154345885120107_6050785222777213438_n 10357633_10154104991030332_1017709831925665580_o 10363955_10154345885045107_5446025568935909892_n 10369006_10154104991950332_3861977359700219652_o 10402529_10154104987340332_678463357319210724_n


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