The Build Blog – Birthing the Heart!

One of the most exciting steps has been taken in the creation of the heart.

It is time to make the cuts into the fiberglass shell and start carving out the styrofoam.

This will leave us with our transparent shell to be attached to the moving parts inside.

Exciting stuff!

10374017_10154164305170464_7463517206634978183_n 10376179_10154164305095464_6669112720973443957_n 10341718_10154164304985464_3663184623339722429_n 10410751_10154164304805464_7437129078250211072_n 10419635_10153494692163532_6567188257301053168_n 10439060_10153494692058532_3520359251594135034_n 10441074_10153494974308532_769142839505645786_n

unnamed (1) unnamed 10377448_10154167969120464_1189622190098070710_n (1) 10418419_10154167969805464_9146564453335855850_n 10431506_10154167969510464_8061053707379309046_n 10275942_10154167969285464_9128144212698949928_n 10377448_10154167969120464_1189622190098070710_n 10382145_10152443528421399_7153259798615074709_n

10403151_10154149144185332_4535789200336681056_n 10354223_10154149143055332_7866640953190282366_n 10301518_10154152392990251_4205222624134618681_n 10390268_10154152393140251_7817148779098648072_n 10390932_10154152393265251_3329439284140813311_n 10426707_10154152393350251_2455032981486974512_n


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