Donation #20 – Cuddle Session


Torus started her cuddling business in the summer of 2013. First inspired by the power of touch many years ago intuitively, she took a short massage course in Feb 2012 and has been practicing part time massage since. She also took her yoga teacher training later that same year. In the first few months of 2013 she thought of how so many people are deprived of loving touch on a daily and long term basis. Thus she started thinking of ways she could help with spreading the love not just through yoga and massage but through more of an intimate physical level. Cuddling is something she absolutely loves to do with loved ones and friends, and being a part of an open and loving community where people often cuddle together at events, she thought of how beneficial it would be to those who didn’t have access to such community and freedom. Thus cuddling as a business came about. Soon after deciding this is what she wanted to do, she found online others that had started to do this as well in other places. She feels she has an infinite supply of love to give and wants others to experience the same.

cuddle session

Researchers have discovered that Cuddling produces a hormone called “oxytocin” also known as the love hormone. This substance has many benefits in our physical and mental health, helping us to relax, feel safe and calm our fears and anxiety. The more our bodies experience oxytocin on a regular basis the happier we become as individuals and the better we feel about ourselves, the better we feel around others, the better we treat others, the happier they become, the better they treat others, and the world eventually becomes a happier and better place to live in.

How to buy Raffle Tickets

Step 1 – Send an Email Money Transfer from your online banking account to

Don’t forget to specify how many tickets and which items you would like to buy them for. ex. #15 The Burning Man Ticket

*Sorry, Paypal is not available to purchase raffle tickets*

Step 2 – Await confirmation email from Angie at 

Step 3 – Bring your fine self to Embrace Decadence to potentially win your prize in front of one and all!

Can’t make it to Embrace Decadence? No worries! This raffle does not require you to attend in order to win it!

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