The Build Blog – Coming into it’s full shape

The heart is coming into it’s final shape.

The inner foam has been carved out and left us with a glowing transparent shell.

Now we are fitting a wooden frame around it and working on the moving parts within.

Moving gears and lighting fixtures are being sketched and carved to fit the inside.

In less than 2 months our beloved heart will be nestled inside Embrace.

DSC_0190 DSC_0191 DSC_0192 DSC_019310417667_10154267908740464_1311551515989518511_n 10509555_10154267910085464_5600266605190912034_n 10509632_10154267909875464_4266493028642331489_n 10511315_10154267909160464_4192267898250880848_n 10521343_10154509562275107_1402093679735108879_n


10277816_10154267910905464_5748991760807449504_n 10410250_10152244291536172_6836260615533179809_n 10417667_10154267908740464_1311551515989518511_n 10432545_10152244291661172_7862505282261197883_n 10448589_10152244291631172_3673255257245025606_o 10474682_10154267910735464_8909507392855573681_n 10478715_10152244428846172_2053529560877744463_n 10489973_10152244291621172_1412436129784465338_n 10492011_10154267910825464_870546936352375724_n (1) 10501647_10152244291546172_6926285228332843899_n 10521343_10154509562275107_1402093679735108879_n

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