Meet the Crew! Randi Cuthbert

Randi Cuthbert

Design Lead

Her first gallery showing was held at the Portage District Arts Council art gallery at age 16. At that point in time, her primary focus was oil pastel and acrylic abstracts. One of her paintings now resides in the Manitoba Legislative buildings in the office of leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, John Gerrard.


Now a mathematician by career, Randi continues to keep art in her life primarily through large scale Burning Man art installations. In 2011, she became a build lead with the International Arts Mega Crew on the Temple of Transition, which was the largest foundation less wood frame building in the world for its short stay in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. In 2012 she was again on a build crew. This time to create a full-scale version of a Spanish galleon, dubbed La LLorrona, with the Pier Crew as part of the Pier II project. These large scale art installations are the outcome of long hours, careful planning, ingenuity, dedication, and incredible teamwork.

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