Meet our Crew! Angie Holubowich


Angie Holubowich

Fundraising Lead, Web-designer, Swag sales and Social Media

A Journalist and Photographer by trade and your dedicated webmaster, I am the rarely seen but incredibly devoted member of the Embrace Vancouver team, toiling away on a laptop keeping our fundraisers and social media cogs turning behind the scenes.

My role with Embrace includes keeping our supporters informed through our Facebook and Website and connecting with donors for event ticket and swag sales.

I have always loved building things with my hands and creating, but I see my skills in organization and digital design as a way to offer support to the build team of our project in a very necessary way.

Embrace was such a moving project for me from the very start. I had never been to Burning Man and the possibility to go with a team such as the Pier Crew was something I was truly honored to be part of.

Off-playa I am a freelance Journalist and Photographer working and living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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