Meet our Crew! Deb Beaudreau

Deb Beaudreau

Lead Cat Herder and Project Coordinator

me 7

Deb first had her mind blown by Burning Man in 2009. Soon after, she volunteered for the Temple
of Transition (2011) and followed that by taking on the Project Coordinator role for Pier 2012.
This was followed by Coordinating Vancouver’s contingent of Embrace. (2013, taking a year off,
she only painted a cafe mural.. there are no pictures.)
Mostly, Deb just loves to wrangle kittens. Perhaps it is her magalomaniac underpinnings.
Truthfully, finding the talented and skilled and pulling them together to make something beautiful,
creating an incredible group of friends bonded by art, this is what Deb loves the most. Join some
art! Get inspired! Never stop playing and creating!

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