Donation #15 – BURNING MAN TICKET!

BURNING MAN TICKET – Caravansary 2014
What? A Burning Man Ticket? Yes. We wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.
Does this item really need a description? You know you want it. Good luck!

How to buy Raffle Tickets

Step 1 – Send an Email Money Transfer from your online banking account to

Don’t forget to specify how many tickets and which items you would like to buy them for. ex. #15 The Burning Man Ticket

*Sorry, Paypal is not available to purchase raffle tickets*

Step 2 – Await confirmation email from Angie at EmbraceVancouver@gmail.comĀ 

Step 3 – Bring your fine self to Embrace Decadence to potentially win your prize in front of one and all!

Can’t make it to Embrace Decadence? No worries! This raffle does not require you to attend in order to win it!