Meet our Crew! Deb Beaudreau

Deb Beaudreau

Lead Cat Herder and Project Coordinator

me 7

Deb first had her mind blown by Burning Man in 2009. Soon after, she volunteered for the Temple
of Transition (2011) and followed that by taking on the Project Coordinator role for Pier 2012.
This was followed by Coordinating Vancouver’s contingent of Embrace. (2013, taking a year off,
she only painted a cafe mural.. there are no pictures.)
Mostly, Deb just loves to wrangle kittens. Perhaps it is her magalomaniac underpinnings.
Truthfully, finding the talented and skilled and pulling them together to make something beautiful,
creating an incredible group of friends bonded by art, this is what Deb loves the most. Join some
art! Get inspired! Never stop playing and creating!

Meet our Crew! Lorraine aka Sparkle

Lorraine (aka Sparkle) 
Fundraiser/Build Crew
A social butterfly that works for the school system.
Throughout my 9 years of attending Burning Man I have participated in theme camps, greeters station and art installations.  Being a Greeter and Lead Greeter for three years will always be one of my most precious memories of the burn.  I have been very fortunate to be involved with some amazing art installations since 2004 including, “The One Mile Clock”, in 2011 which made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Helping to fund raise and be a member of this build crew was a journey I will not soon forget.  Watching the burn of Embrace brought me to tears and is forever etched in my mind.

Meet our Crew! Angie Holubowich


Angie Holubowich

Fundraising Lead, Web-designer, Swag sales and Social Media

A Journalist and Photographer by trade and your dedicated webmaster, I am the rarely seen but incredibly devoted member of the Embrace Vancouver team, toiling away on a laptop keeping our fundraisers and social media cogs turning behind the scenes.

My role with Embrace includes keeping our supporters informed through our Facebook and Website and connecting with donors for event ticket and swag sales.

I have always loved building things with my hands and creating, but I see my skills in organization and digital design as a way to offer support to the build team of our project in a very necessary way.

Embrace was such a moving project for me from the very start. I had never been to Burning Man and the possibility to go with a team such as the Pier Crew was something I was truly honored to be part of.

Off-playa I am a freelance Journalist and Photographer working and living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Meet the Crew! Randi Cuthbert

Randi Cuthbert

Design Lead

Her first gallery showing was held at the Portage District Arts Council art gallery at age 16. At that point in time, her primary focus was oil pastel and acrylic abstracts. One of her paintings now resides in the Manitoba Legislative buildings in the office of leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, John Gerrard.


Now a mathematician by career, Randi continues to keep art in her life primarily through large scale Burning Man art installations. In 2011, she became a build lead with the International Arts Mega Crew on the Temple of Transition, which was the largest foundation less wood frame building in the world for its short stay in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. In 2012 she was again on a build crew. This time to create a full-scale version of a Spanish galleon, dubbed La LLorrona, with the Pier Crew as part of the Pier II project. These large scale art installations are the outcome of long hours, careful planning, ingenuity, dedication, and incredible teamwork.

Meet our Crew! Sarah Kay Smith

Sarah Kay Smith
31, Archaeologist based out of Vancouver, BC.

sarah kay smith

I have always been passionate about finding, creating and building things. To me the Embrace project was a labour of love. It was an amazing way to deepen some connections in my life and forge new strong ties. The challenge of constructing the heart in Vancouver, bringing it down to the playa and then building a giant wooden, human shaped cathedral to hang it in was indescribable. The mechanical heart represents what our city has to offer: connections and togetherness through hard work and ingenuity. I look forward to sharing our work with our community here in Vancouver.

Meet our Crew! Nathyn Sanche

Nathyn Sanche 
Steel frame and mechanical motion design and fabrication for the heart

Being a multi-disciplinary certified welder, machinist, inventor, day dreamer and professional problem solver, Nathyn enjoys a challenge. He can often be found in his East Vancouver workshop creating art out of found objects, building sauna stoves, Tesla coils and tiny houses.

“Tell kids not to do something, and they’ll inevitably do just that. But let a youngster play with fire and they’ll discover—through a series of harmless burns, likely—its uses and dangers.”

Meet our Crew! Phil Jones

Phil Jones – Build Crew

Worker, Chewy, Wild Card, Get-R-Done sort

This year marks the second time I’ve been blessed enough to work with the
Pier group on yet another amazing piece.  Embrace epitomizes the essence of
what we are and do.  Coming together across different cities to encourage,
inspire and create.  Which can be as simple as an embrace!

Beyond being able to wookie with the best of them, I am considered by some
a “Jack of all Phil’s”.  

Weld, saw, sand, Chewy and whatever else is needed
of me to help bring this amazing piece to all of you!

DSC_0452 DSC_0452 - Copy

Meet our Crew! David Jardine


David Jardine ~ Design Lead

Born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1984, David is a self taught artist who works predominantly in the medium of painting. He has also branched out into sculpting in larger scale art installations.

He has had shows in Vancouver, and Ruby Lake, as well as multiple art installations at the Burn in the Forest Festival in Squamish, British Columbia.

David is a design lead on the Embrace Vancouver Heart Sculpture, and also worked on Embrace 2014 for the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA. He continues to work with the Embrace Vancouver collective to publicly display the Heart Sculpture this Spring, at the Roundhouse Community Center, in downtown Vancouver.

He currently works from his studio in East Vancouver.

Meet our Crew! Luke Dune Detheridge

Luke Dune Detheridge

Design Lead

Throughout my experiences at Emily Carr University and indeed following, I have honed a process that relates a multi-artist vision, to a finished production and display. In favour of team dynamics, the unity of a common vision, I orientate myself to be effective and efficient yet flexibility in order to meet unforeseen challenges.

I have self-direction and employ solution-based processes to effectively approach conceptual design in large or small scale applications. I utilize time management and team building strategies, such as open learning and divergent thinking.

This allows me to effectively manage a multi-stage production with precision and effective leadership. In addition, I have gained extensive knowledge of safety regulations regarding the safe operation of a wide variety of hand and power tools. In combination, I am well versed in the application of a wide variety of materials to a simple or unprecedented capacity.


Meet our Crew! Lara Beaton

Lara Beaton

Embrace minion

QA Manager for a software company.

Previous project experience – “get shit done” person on Pier 2.

Duties included sewing pantaloons and finding lots of pictures of Victorian era porn.

What Embrace means to me is the realization of a crazy idea we were kicking around over breakfast Margaritas at Burning Man 2012. I’m just glad this idea won out over “scary flaming Teddy Bear art car”