Meet our Crew! John Cousins

John Cousins

Actor, writer, musician and set design


I loved the Embrace idea because…well isn’t that what life is about?

Embracing all the things that life throws at me. Embracing ideas, concepts, people, places and living things. Furry, feathery and fishy things. Embracing earth. Embracing chances & changes. Embracing new things that scare me or make me nervous. Embracing love. I’m excited about being involved with the Embrace group.

It feels good to be involved with this community of caring crazy creative people.



Meet our Crew! Sadie Rose

Sadie Rose

Embrace Minion~ The Purple Crazy Kind


Multi-media Artist, Youth Therapist & Musician

After years of searching Embrace has given me a non-judgmental and supportive tribe where I feel like I am valued for my uniqueness and talents. The great thing about this group is it doesn’t feel like we are really working because everyone is having so much fun!


Meet our Crew! Gregory C. Buzz Haas

Visual Effects Artist, Compositor, Concept Designer, Radioactive Wizard, Shapeshifter…

Found wandering the frozen wastes of tundra after a flash of emerald light in the northern sky, his integration with the human populace is built upon an undying lust for all things phosphorescent. And seared flesh…on a stick.